Salesperson Pre-Licensing

Get your California Real Estate License today!

Enroll in Affinity’s CA Salesperson course and complete your training in as little as 54 days!

In order to apply for a California Salesperson license, you must first complete three (3) prelicensing courses. The required courses include California Real Estate Principles, California Real Estate Practice, and one elective course (we offer Finance).

Our CalBRE approved salesperson licensing course is a self-paced Home Study Course that can be completed in the comfort of your own home, work, your favorite coffee shop, or wherever you prefer to study. This means you do not have to commute to a certain place or keep to a rigid schedule – complete the course in your own time on your own schedule.

Real estate salesperson licensee candidates in California are required to take a minimum of 135 hours of license training:
• California Real Estate Principles (45 hours, required topic)
• California Real Estate Practice (45 hours, required topic)
• One 45-hour Real Estate Elective topic (We offer Real Estate Finance as the elective)

When you’ve completed each course, you can take the required end-of-course test either in our office or online. This is an open-book test and you must pass at a rate of 60%. Once you’ve completed each of the course exams – you will be issued a Certificate of Completion.

COST OF OUR PROGRAMS: We offer salesperson license packages as well as sales person individual courses and products.
Salesperson License Course (3 Course Package) – $299.00 per person + $12.50 shipping
Individual courses (1 Course Only) – $125.00 per course + $12.50 shipping
• Real Estate Textbook Only (Principle, Practice or Finance) – $40 each + $12.50 shipping




ATTENTION: The California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) regulates the pace at which students may take pre-license courses as follows:
• No course may be finished in less than 2 ½ weeks.
• Two courses may not be finished in less than 5 weeks.
• Three courses may not be finished in less than 7 ½ weeks.

Course Final Exam Procedures – You may take an exam as soon as every 18 days (2 ½ weeks) following the date of enrollment. After the first 18 days following enrollment, you become eligible to take another course exam every additional 18 days. Thus, you may complete the 3 courses in 54 days.

Take the final exam online, or do it on paper in the presence of a monitor. If taken online, your exam results are posted immediately.

It is highly recommended that you take a Test Prep Crash Course prior to taking the Salesperson exam.

We officer a one-day Crash Course designed to help you pass your exam. For more information regarding our One- Day Crash Course – click here.