Become A Real Estate Salesperson in California with our California Real Estate Salesperson Courses.

Start Your California Real Estate Sales Person Career Today!

If you are interested in getting your California Real Estate Salesperson License – WE CAN HELP YOU THRU THE PROCESS. Affinity’s Real Estate Academy will provide you with the best educational materials and the best customer service available anywhere.

We have assisted many people from all walks of life obtain their salesperson license, and many of them have gone on to get their broker license or become Mortgage Loan Originators through Affinity’s seminars as well!

If you’re looking for a “complete” real estate education provider who will be there every step of the way, look no further.

Now is the time to prepare for your California Real Estate Salesperson License. Complete just 3 required courses in as little as 7½ weeks, attend a State License Prep Course, then take the State Exam.

Requirements To Obtain A Real Estate License In California


  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must be honest and truthful (pass a criminal background check).
  • You must complete college level courses on Real Estate Practices, Real Estate Principles, and one elective (we offer Real Estate Finance as an elective)
  • You must pass the State Exam of 150 questions with a grade of at least 70%.


To Pass the State Exam, it is Highly Recommended You Attend Test Prep (Crash Course)


We offer a LIVE one-day test prep course designed to help you pass your real estate salesperson exam the 1st time! (this course is also offered as a home study – however your chances of passing increase with a live class).

  • Our exam prep course is outstanding and really prepares someone to pass the first time, and is available live and in home-study mode.
  • You will receive a extremely valuable Course Outline which includes over 260 pages of exam information.
  • Other items include a Math Workbook, Flash Cards and 150-question Practice Exams to really help you study.
  • Practice exam questions are on every page, at the end of each chapter, and hundreds of questions in State Exam Format based on pertinent information; these exams are the reason our passing rates are outstanding.

We recommend strongly that you attend a LIVE EXAM PREP. It is the surest method to prepare to pass the first time.

Why Use Affinity’s Real Estate Three Courses?


We offer a LIVE one-day test prep course designed to help you pass your real estate salesperson exam the 1st time! (this course is also offered as a home study – however your chances of passing increase with a live class).

  • For the same low price you receive a Professional Text Book and a PDF Download of the materials.
  • Practice exams after every chapter and they can be completed online, a real-time saver.
  • Our final exams are online, open-book with a passing grade of only 70%.
  • Check us out at BBB, YELP, and the California Bureau of Real Estate, and ask Realtor Associations their opinion as we work with so many in California.
  • Real live people to answer the phone and your questions. We stress customer service.


Costs of Our Program


It is strongly recommended that you purchase both your courses and the Crash-Prep Course now. During the seven and one half week qualifying period, you can start studying for the State Exam, and even more important, you save money buying the Combination Package.


The Combination Packages:

  • Salesperson License Course (3 Course Package) – $299.00 per person + $12.50 shipping
  • Salesperson License course w/LIVE Test Prep included (3 Course Package + LIVE Test Prep Combo) – $425.00 + $12.50 Shipping 
  • Salesperson Test Prep Live Crash Course – $175.00 per person 
  • Real Estate Principles Course Only – $125.00 per person + $12.50 shipping
  • Real Estate Practice Course Only – $125.00 per person + $12.50 shipping 
  • Real Estate Finance Course Only – $125.00 per person + $12.50 shipping
  • Real Estate Textbook Only (Principle, Practice or Finance) – $40 each + $12.50 shipping


Affinity Real Estate Academy’s California real estate school understands that money and time are tight today.  Our California real estate Academy offers complete real estate courses that are aimed to help busy adults that are often times working full time and have a family. Our California real estate licensing school is designed to help prepare students for the State exam providing them with preparation materials specifically for today’s busy adults.

Whether you want to become a California Real Estate Salesperson or Broker or a Mortgage Loan Originator, Affinity’s Real Estate and Mortgage is your best source for accomplishing this goal.


“I took her class and passed my test. She has text books and very informative summaries, as well as excellent reviews for sample tests.  I strongly recommend taking her classes.” Guita A.